Ed Tech Tuesday: SurveyMonkey

Today’s Ed Tech Tuesday feature is a SurveyMonkey review. I used SurveyMonkey to poll my 4th and 5th graders this week. I had never used SurveyMonkey until a few days ago, but someone on my state’s library listserv was asking for student survey samples, and I thought it would be more efficient to do one online.

SurveyMonkey is fairly easy to use. There are a lot question type options, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. The different types of questions aren’t really explained very well on the main page, but a little bit of trial and error will eventually get the results you’re looking for. There is a very good help page, however, if you’re a person who likes to figure everything out before you just start clicking. I guess I’m more of a figure it out as you go kind of gal. You basically choose your question type, type in answer choices (for multiple choice or check boxes), and choose whether or not a response is required. Pretty easy! You can even preview the survey before publishing. Once you’re satisfied with the survey, just save and publish it, and SurveyMonkey will provide you with a URL you can put on your website or send via email.

The free version allows 10 questions and 100 respondents per survey. Not bad for a few classes like I used it for, but it you wanted to poll the entire school, you’d have to either create several different surveys or pay for a different plan. Here’s how the pricing works.

The thing I liked best is going in to see the results after my students had finished the survey. You can view responses from the entire group (as percentages) or you can view each respondent’s answers. My questions had to do with which genres my students enjoy, what they would buy for the library, and what they hope to learn in library class this year.

Give it a try! Already using SurveyMonkey? Share your innovative ideas in the comments.

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