Ed Tech Tuesday: Prezi Review

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Today's Ed Tech Tuesday feature is a Prezi review. Prezi helps you create slideshows. It's similar to Powerpoint, but much better, in my opinion. Your presentations can zoom, twist, turn, and just do really interesting stuff. Check out the bottom of the Prezi website to see samples of really cool looking Prezis.  There are even templates you can use to create your own without having to be an expert in creating Prezis.  Files are saved on the Prezi website, or you can save a copy to your computer or a flash drive. You can also make them public or private if you don't want the entire world to be able to access it. What are you waiting for?

There's a little bit of a learning curve involved, but it won't take you long to get the hang of it. There's even a page dedicated to learning how to use Prezi. Click here to check it out. Prezi has special free accounts for educators, but you can access more features with the paid subscription. Click here for special educator pricing.

Best of all, you can explore Prezis that have already been created. There are thousands of them, and chances are someone has created a Prezi on your topic already. If the Prezi is licensed under Creative Commons, you may be able to save a copy of it to edit for your use. That's what I did with this Prezi about copyright. If the Prezi owner has not labeled it under Creative Commons, you can ask for permission to edit it for personal use. I sometimes use Prezi in my library lesson plans, too!

Are you using Prezi yet?  What do you love about it? Post a link to your awesome Prezi in the comments.


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